Monday, August 1, 2011

HTC Filed Suit Against Apple In the UK; Apple Likely snapped HTC's Olive Branch

After being handed a setback by ITC that ruled HTC violated two key Apple patents and having the S3 patents that Apple's Mac alleged violated be ruled unpatentable, HTC was in a much weaker position in the courts and bargaining position.  

Hence, HTC suddenly became malleable to sitting down with Apple and negotiate an agreement with Apple.  That was last week.

Today, we learned that HTC filed a suit against Apple in the UK and the war between the two is likely to escalate to the level of fighting between Apple and Samsung spanning continents in multiple jurisdictions.  

Why?  Is HTC simply trying to rattle Apple a bit?  On the surface, one could see this as a ploy to bring Apple to the tablet.  However, I've got another explanation.

Apple took the olive branch from HTC, broke it in half, and threw it right back at it.  

And if I'm right, all the Android device makers will have to deal with Apple in just such a manner.  Apple does not file patents to collect royalties. Many Wall Street analysts mistakenly insist that exchange of money will make this "all go away" especially Taiwanese research firms.  Apple filed patents to protect its products from being copied and infringed upon.  

Also, HTC assured investors that the spat with Apple will not hurt its business.  I think HTC investors ought to do a little homework and find out just who HTC is dealing with.

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