Monday, August 1, 2011

Skype For iPad Here! (For Some)

I eager wait for the arrival of Skype app for iPad.  I've been using the iPhone version on the iPad and I just have had enough of it.  I do quite a bit of IM on Skype and it just was maddening to type on it.

As you know, Skype was recently bought out by Microsoft and there is no way we can tell what Microsoft intends to do with it.  

For now, I'm just going to think small and appreciate the arrival of a native iPad app.  

On another issue:  FaceTime.  It's Apple's video chat solution.  Could se see some kind of an improvement with the arrival of iOS 5?  There is chatter that Apple may being 3G to the iPod touch (I think it's more likely a larger sized iPod touch with 5-7").  I would love to see FaceTime and Skype go head-to-head.

Source:  Appleinsider.

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