Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mobile And PC Market? Checked. HDTV? Coming Soon And Checked. What’s Next After That For Apple?

Apple still has a long long way to go before it captures the mobile market the way it dominates the MP3 market with the iPod.  There is no indication that Apple can keep up the momentum with the iPad in the tablet market and while the iPhone is flourishing, the market is simply too big and competition too fierce.  

Whatever happens, at some point, Apple will need to also move into a new market.  Or create one as it has done once or twice in its lifetime.  The best bet is HDTV.  Fine.  That seems to be what everyone's thinking.  

Suppose Apple hits its mobile plateau and fights it out with Sony, LG, and Samsung the next couple of years in the HDTV market, then what?

What will Apple do after that?  What new market can Steve Jobs look to dominate? What new market can Apple create – a new tech or service that we did not previously know we needed?

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