Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wall Street Agree With US Apple Has More Room To Grow

I can't help but feel that sometimes, Wall Street reads our blogs.  And not just mine but everyone else's when it comes to Apple speculations, rumors, and discussions.  And here's another one.  

Yesterday, I wrote just how folks are underestimating just the kind of force Apple has become.  When you pick apart the individual products, iPhone, iPod, iPad, or the Macbook Air, you see how they stack up against their respective competing devices.  That is the wrong way to go about it.  

You need to take Apple's whole mobile strategy, the mobile gears along with iOS 5 and the Lion and then stack that up against its competitors.  And you see that Apple really has no peers in this respect.  The iPhone was leading a "fellowship" (I used a Lord of The Rings reference) of Apple gears down a very very profitable road.

Furthermore, Apple is on pace to selling more than one hundred million iPhones in a year.  And if you translate Apple's market share today to a few years later when a major of devices sold are smartphones, Apple looks to be able to push out hundreds of millions of iPhones.

And that is exactly why there are talks about Apple being the first trillion dollar publicly traded company.  And that is exactly why Fortune is referencing Shawn Wu of Sterne Agee's report on just how big Apple's future is in mobile.

Here are some highlights.  As I've said, Apple is probably going to be able to sell iPhones in the hundreds of millions if things keep going the way they are.  Apple's smallish PC market is going keep growing and at a faster rate than anyone realizes.  Taken as a whole, Apple is the only pure play that can encompass three trends going on in mobile:  mobile Internet, cloud computing, leading consumer technology.

Okay, maybe Shaw Wu didn't read my posts but he probably read others with the same idea I have.  What is inescapable is the dominance Apple has now and given its small market share in mobile, Apple is really just a startup with a lot of room to grow.

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