Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mobile To Take on Cable

Is there really a need for cable or satellite TV any longer? No. And old TV is preventing users from embracing the future as it is meant to be.

Right now, TV and studio producers and execs are very afraid of the future. Mobile, particular iPhones, iPads, and the half a million Android daily activations are putting their old business model into disarray. They're holding onto to it with their dear life but they should.

In fact, they should embrace the new mobile reality and slowly get themselves ready go move away from the old ways.

There really is no need to be afraid of Apple or Google at all. Already, some cable companies realize this and have apps that allow current cable subscribers to view certain channels on their mobile devices.

CNN is allowing cable users to watch live broadcast on their tablets.

In 2012, we'll see more of these kinds of moves go embrace mobile. More and more of these artificial barriers to watching live broadcast on mobile fall away.

Furthermore, new tech will hasten the process. Netflix and the new owners will broaden their reach and expand their libraries. This may include original contents. Apple's Airplay has already extended iTunes' video lead in 2011. And Google TV will soon have apps that could also mean new video ways to watch TV.

The traditional ways of watching TV is slowing being pecked to death. And so is the current paid TV model. If you don't believe this, ask yourself this.

Why aren't any of the tech giants buying the vulnerable cable or satellite companies?

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