Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sony's Clamshell Can't Be Called A Tablet But Offers Mobile Excitement And Possibilities

Of the two upcoming Sony devices, I am most excited about the dual 5.5 in screen clamshell device. Before we go on, let's not call this a tablet. Honestly, I don't know that to call it.

Courtesy of Engadget, we know the official name is now Sony Tablet P. It'll sport a Tegra 2 chip, 4 GB with a 2 GB memory card, and weigh in at 190 grams versus the iPad 2 at 601 grams, the Sony Tablet S at 600 grams, and the Xoom at 730 grams.

A couple of things about this. First, this is what Nintendo 3DS should have been. This is what the NGP should have been. And Sony's unique take on this could offer itself as a viable alternative to the traditional tablet forms.

For this reason, I really hesitate to call it a tablet. If Sony is smart about it, they should try to position it as a brand new product category.

Second, I am worried about its battery life. With dual screens and the same Tegra 2 chip used in other tablets with much bigger batteries, I cannot imagine P to have impressive battery life. And as most mobile warriors know, if your tablet or phone cannot get you through the day without worrying about looking for an electric outlet, it could be a major handicap.

We won't know what Sony plan on doing about that until they officially release more information bout it.

Right now, I am cautiously optimistic that they've dealt with the issue. Also, I am excited how they will deal with the Honeycomb interface.

So is this something you might get behind? Or will you go with the more traditional Sony Tablet S or go with the conventional iPad 2?

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