Thursday, September 1, 2011

20 Million iPads Sold During the Summer Quarter? Not Surprised if True

TUAW is reporting that Apple may have sold about 20 million iPads over the summer quarter.  Is it possible?  Definitely and I can't wait to see just what kind of effect this has on the larger PC market.

Now, the source of the post, DigiTimes, is in my opinion, a click whore but one has to take what they say and compare it with reality.  And the reality is that Apple was facing the mother of all backlog for the iPad 2.

And with back-to-school and the Greater Chinese market, there is a lot of demand.  And while the post said that Foxconn "shipped" twenty million iPads, chances are that Apple sold most of it and kept a couple of million in reserve.

Since it had some in reserve to start the quarter, saying that Apple sold twenty million iPads would not be out of line.

Source:  TUAW.

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