Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Buy Cuts $50-$150 Off Playbooks; Another Fire Sale Coming?

Looks like we could be in for another fire sale.  This time around, it'll be RIM's Playbook.  Best Buy will be lobbing off $50 on the 16 GB model and up to $150 on the 64 GB model.

I've said this a few times already.  These 7" tablets priced around $500 are going to have to contend with 7" Honeycomb or Android 4 devices that will cost about $300.  

I know the Playbook is a very solidly build device and is probably worth the premium but so is the 16 GB iPad coming in at $500.  And RIM did itself a disservice by releasing the Playbook when it was half-baked as far as the software was concerned.  

I've also postulated that the new $999 is now the $499 for tablets.  If a device maker wants to compete with the iPad at the $499 and up, they would need to offer "premium" features and services that Apple cannot match.  
Source:  Electronista.

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