Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amazon Could Be Offering Prime Members eBook Loans

Dave the Mobile Sage informed me that Amazon, probably next week at their Kindle tablet event (9/28), may unveil a new service for Prime members, an ebook loaning program like what Netflix offers for video.

There is the link from eBook Reader blog.

Here's my initial thought on this in my email to the Sage:

I like it better if they offer similar services like Music and books I like to buy and keep, not borrow.

However, media like video (movies) I don't mind renting.

But I keep an open mind for now. I'd like Prime services includes videos, books, and music. Then it would be a bad deal.

To succeed, they need to offer this to all Prime users, not just those who buy Kindle hardware. I suppose they'll offer it only to Kindle hardware users first and expanded them to others later.


That much said, how will Apple, Google, and Microsoft respond. This is an interesting study and ripe for speculation.

Any ideas?

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