Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon's Kindle Tablet Commercial

Wow...Apple's iPad is about to get serious competition when the 10" version of this comes out.  The 7" Amazon Silk will not be a threat since it is a 7" tablet.

Having said that, the pages do look kinda cramp.  While not as good as the iPad interface probably because of the 10" display over this 7" Kindle display, the Kindle store is better looking than the 3.5" rendition on the iBookstore and iTunes store.

I know it's not comparing tablet to tablet screen size but it is something to work off of.  I've always maintained that Apple could well release a bigger screened iPod touch.  A $300 6" touch with 8 GB of storage would go a long way in putting the heat back on Amazon, Apple.

Think about it.

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