Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Line And Wait for iPhone 5 Could Be Longer - 1/4 of Android Users Over 1/2 of Blackberry Users To Go iOS

If even half the survey of this report from InMobi is true, those of us looking for an iPhone update this fall and winter could be facing long lines and shortages.

Via MacdailyNews, more than a quarter of Android users are considering the next iPhone and more than half of Blackberry users are thinking of jumping ship and going over to Apple's mobile platform.

Obviously, these surveys are mere snapshot of a segment of the market in at a specific time frame.  In all, more than 40% of mobile users plan on buying the iPhone.  A good number by any means.  Currently, the iPhone has a 28% share of the smartphone market, which it has maintained despite Apple leaving the iPhone 4 out on the market longer than any other mobile devices.

What's interesting in this survey is how knowledgeable the people being asked about.  They actually know the difference between the rumored iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.

Like them, I'm hoping for the iPhone 5 and will pass on the iPhone 4S.

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