Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple Going With Thinner Battery in Future iPads But How about Battery Life?

We're huge fans of long battery life.  All of us mobile folks.  That's one thing that we can never get enough of.  It just feels like every other of my posts are about battery life.  Well, it looks like Apple is going to go with thinner and lighter battery for the next iPads.  However, I have to ask this:  what about the battery life?

Acorrding to Boy Genius Report via Macrumors, the new batteries will be thinner and lighter but also cost more.  However, the trade-off, these batteries are supposed to be more durable and reliable (Appleinsider).

Currently, Macbook batteries can last about 1,000 charges before going down to 80% capacity.  While I think that's pretty good, I had always assumed the iOS batteries are equally as good.  And perhaps this new battery is more capable of handling the wear and tear of daily mobile uses.  

I had hoped that we would hear from Apple that the systems will become more efficient and allow an additional 10-20% battery operation when the iPad 2 came out.  Perhaps, this is why we need there to be stronger tablet competition in the market.  While Apple has been known to compete against itself, anything its competitors can do to come close to the iPad 2 performance is a good thing.

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