Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mobile: T-mobile All Hands Day Set for September 24th

It looks like something is up at T-Mobile.  According to sources, T-Mobile has called an all-day day for Saturday, September 24th.  Little details on this at this time but speculations will be rampant. 

It could be about new Android devices or new plans that T-Mobile wants to ready for the Holidays.  Or, I repeat, or, it could be about the iPhone?

Let's suppose that is the case here.  What it means is that if T-Mobile wants to chat about the iPhone with its employees, that would mean Apple will be making the announcement that week of, starting September 19th.  Apple typically make announcements on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning around 10 am PST.  

Obviously, my speculations are just as valid/invalid as anyone else's at this time.  Things are tough there at T-Mobile and I hope this is the kind of good news that can right the ship over there.  iPhone announcement or not.

Source:  TmoNews.

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