Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mobile: Nvidia Expects To Rule the Mobile Chip Market

Meet Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of graphics company Nvidia, and he has some strong believes and a whole lot of confidence regarding its future in the mobile realm.

First he believes Android tablets will own about 50% of the market while its chip revenue will grow to $20 billion, a ten times jump from today.

On top of that, Huang also jabbed rival Intel a bit in this CNet post. He doesn't seem to think Intel is a threat at all with the power hungry Atom chip.

Huang does have a lot to be proud of given how Nvidia has transformed from a graphics card provider to a supplier of mobile chips used in many high-end Android devices and most of the Android tablets. Only Apple has more chips because of the volume of iPads sold to date.

However, his past boastful predictions have not always panned out. Personally, I am not sure I want to be poking a stick at Intel the way he's doing it now.

Remember how AMD had the lead in the multiple-core lead? Well, we know where things are now.

Still, I like his spirit. Having someone with the will to mix things up a bit is good. Competition is good for all of us.

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