Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Social: Another Point for Competition as Facebook Revamps Some Sharing Settings; Still Out To Destroy Privacy However

Facebook gave iPhone users a major update to the app with better sharing settings.  And this would not have happened had it not been for Google+.  G+, while usage growth was not what it was in the first month, continues to grow and I predict it could have some effects on Facebook's iPO plans in 2012.

Right now, Facebook is facing some growing pains as it recently did away with its location-based function and deal services.  

What the iPhone app is doing is catching up to G+ and allowing users to have access to what we've always wanted.  

However, there is still their practice of using our information to augment their revenue.  I'm hoping that Google+ will continue to grow and really hit Facebook where it hurts.  In the end, it isn't about killing Facebook but killing off its privacy violating practices.

Source:  Macworld.

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