Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iPod touch with 3G Coming!

We always knew this was going to happen but it looks like Apple thinks now is the right time for this.  An iPod touch 3G is probably going to make its way into our hands.  At least, that's the indication from another source.

Apple 'N' Apps is reporting that not only will Apple refresh the iPod touch this fall along side the new iPhone, Apple will be updating the touch with a 3G modem inside.  I figure this would work just like what we now see with the iPad.  3G data only plan without having to sign away our next two-years of mobile need to a carrier.  It'll be a month-to-month deal if you want 3G wireless Internet with the new touch.

The big reason for this is because of iCloud and Apple figure by releasing a touch with 3G, iCloud will play an even bigger role than ever.  Most folks who have bought iPod touches in the past, like myself, have tried to avoid the high rates that Verizon and AT&T charges.  It remains to be seen just who Apple will be targeting.

As with anything Apple, they probably discovered a specific need for a 3G enabled iPod touch that we mobile warriors did not previously know we needed.

What's interesting is that ANA called it "mini-Pad".  I hardly called a 3.5" touch a mini anything compared to the iPad.  I know, I know.  I'm going to go there anyway.  Could be also be looking at a fuller sized iPod touch with a bigger screen, say, 5-6" inches equipped with 
3G wireless capability?  

I've been chatting this up for the last couple of months.  And I have some supporting evidence in this regard based on what Apple has shown us. Furthermore, the iPod touch may also come in white.

So, would an iPod touch with 3G be just what you need instead of a pricy iPhone voice and data plan?

Source: Apple 'N' Apps (from Appleinsider).

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