Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Know Apple Will Sell Lotsa iPhone 5; Stop Quoting DigiTimes

DigiTimes is a tech tabloid in Asia that many bloggers love to link to because they get clicks.  But here's where we're somewhat different  We never source directly from DT.  Nor will we link to other blogs unless what they get from DT makes a whole lot of sense ot ourselves

There's a post going around about just how much iPhone 5s is making for Apple.  We already know that they're ramping up as quickly as they can.  And despite that, we are going to run into shortages upon launch.

My guess is that Foxconn and whoever else Apple might have contracted to make the new iPhones have been doing just this for quite a while now.  And Apple, with Tim Cook as CEO, will probably be pretty bold in make sure that there is ample supply of iPhones since they are selling them so late in the year.  

I'm not going to link to any of those blogs with specific number of iPhones that are being produced every day.  They never jive with Apple's on sell-through number anyway.  

My own take is this.  Apple will have about 4-5 million upon launch and with about 1.5 million shipping out every week after that to reach about 2 million.  Apple might eventually reach 3 million a week by December if it wants to sell about 25 million iPhones in the Holiday quarter.  

That seems like like a lot but I getting the feeling that Apple will be pushing up China's launch earlier than previous years.  Whether Apple seems all those iPhones here in the US or not, they will be saving up a lot of them for Asia.  

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