Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple Should Give Each Apple Employee An iPad

Apple is trying out a program that would allow employees to take home an iPad for a week so they can try it out in a setting that most iPad owners are in and prospective buyers would be in.  It's an interesting idea.  But I think Apple should go a step further.

Back in 2007, Apple gave each employee an iPhone.  It was a gesture that has yet to be repeated since.

Perhaps, Apple should give each employee an iPad, stock level permitting.  Obviously.  Maybe in January or February when demand tapers off just after the Christmas rush and anticipation of the iPad 3.

I have been to the Apple store many times in the last year.  And at not time have the stores that I've been to have Apple employees just standing around waiting for customers.  The customers were stacked shoulder to shoulder, hardly enough time for a breather.

They've worked hard to make Apple's retail a success.  I'm sure the rest of the Apple employees, in corporate and satellite offices around the world also worked really hard to help Apple become the largest company by market cap.

Certainly, now more than ever, Apple can afford to be a little more generous with its $80 billion in cash.  Supposedly, when Steve Jobs gave Apple employees iPhones, it only cost $12 million.

Source:  TIPB.

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