Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple's Domination at Airport WiFi Shows Affluent Mobile Warriors Picking Up iOS Devices

Apple's mobile gears controls a dominating share of devices that logs into hotspots at airports.  According to Boingo, iOS devices control more than 83% of devices that uses their network.

The closest competitor is the Android at 11.5%.  Together, it was beaten even by the iPod touch with 17.5%.  

Furthermore, the iPad is gaining fast with inflight WiFi connections.  Together, Apple controls more than 50% of airplane WiFi networks if you include Macbooks.  PC has 40%.  

The plans aren't terrible expensive if you're an exec or with money but with free WiFi now pretty much everywhere, even Del Taco I just found out, you have to be someone who travels much and has serious money.  Business type folks, ya know?  

I wonder if this will go further with Apple releasing a new iPhone in a matter of weeks.

Source: TUAW.

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