Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UltraViolet, A New Standard For Movie/TV Distribution Could Get Walmart's Support; Hope Mobile Support Comes Sooner Rather Than Later

According to CNet, Walmart will be support UltraViolet.  What is UV?

Ultraviolet is a new video standard that hopes to unlock video distribution for consumers.  Sounds friendly? So far.  The idea is that if you use a certain provider and you bought movies and TV from it but decides to change to another provider, you can take those rights with you.  

It'll be a could-based service.  Each account can have six users and up to 12 devices that can view it. 

This service has a a lot of support.  However, a few holdouts like Apple are not onboard.  And that's just what this service is meant to do - break down walls like this.

There is no mention of Google but I can't see Google not be behind this.

Walmart's support is just icing on the cake and we should see this service in 2012.  I'm not optimistic of the late 2011 roll out.  Just a realist.  

I'm sure this is the first time a lot of you are just hearing this.  I know, they've not done a great job advertising it.  And so far, it seems pretty much what I would want.  iTunes is easy to get video but with UV, it could be even easier.

Here's the Wiki page for the UV system and its homepage.

Source:  CNet.

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