Friday, September 9, 2011

iPhone Sales Strong Despite iPhone 5 On the Horizon - Why?

Why would iPhone 4 sales continue to be strong even as the iPhone 5 is only weeks ago?  This is based on some check from a Wall Street firm.  The answer is simple.

I was at the Apple store last weekend trying to get my iPod touch screen fixed.  And it was packed.  Like crazy packed.  the air conditioner was on but folks were everywhere sucking up all the cool air.  The women's store next door was much cooler when you walked by their door.

While I was waiting for my Genius appointment, I saw many exchange of money, well, credit cards.  I was trying to see what they were buying.  I saw a few Macbooks flying out of the back.  And strangely, I also saw a section of the store where folks were being helped by their Apple guys with their iPhones.

And as waited and walked around the store, I continued to see folks buying iPhones.  Obviously, I was happy for them.  Why not.  At 18 months old, it is still the best mobile device in the world.  It's an awesome experience.  

The answer is this:  If you're reading this post, you're not a regular guy off the street.  You're mobile educated.  You will go on the Web to do research and find out more about your mobile device or find out what which device best suits your needs.  At one time, you might be one of those guys on the street but after using an Apple product, you became hooked and wanted to know more about it.

This is why blogs on On Apple exists.  To serve your needs.  

For the people just buying the iPhones now, they're happy and they don't care that the new iPhone 5 will make their new phones obsolete in a few weeks.  And for that, I'm happy for them.  Welcome to the family, guys.

And this is why iPhone 4 sales continues to be strong.

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