Sprint To Keep Unlimited Wireless Plan Despite Certain Phone (clue: iPhone) From To Its Network

There's chatter this morning, and the good kind that you want to wake up to that Sprint will be be getting rid of the unlimited data plan just because it'll be getting the iPhone as a part of its arsenal against its bigger rivals.  This is very good news.  It shows that for those carriers who have gotten rid of their unlimited data plan, this was about a land grab to for users to pay extra over any data usage and to avoid making sure it has capacity to support its users.

I think Sprint's brilliant move to do nothing will help it generate good will and I'll do everything I can to help push folks towards in them in fall - whether they are getting iPhone, Androids, or Windows Phone devices.  

After all, what more important to a mobile warrior than unfettered data use.  Over all, this is fantastic news for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users as well.  This fall, we'll see new devices like the Galaxy S II and Mango-based Windows Phones coming out.

Note: I know T-Mobile, my current carrier, likes to say it has unlimited data access.  Technically, it's true.  However, depending on your data plan, you are throttled after certain amount of use.  It's not AT&T evil but it's still bad in my book.

Source:  Phandroid.


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