Running Update On Dish Network Block Buster's Netflix Killer Service

I'm gonna provide you with an update as I get them on Blockbuster's Netflix killer.  Hope it's not a dud.

The media event is on going now.  There's chatter that this service might be for Dish customers only.  In which case, this update will end pretty abruptly.
  • So far, a whole lot of thing....
  • New service called Blockbuster Movie Pass - lots of movies, games, and streaming video - no word on cost or who can get access to it. Sounds like it's not for everyone.
  • Another package called America's Top 200 - more content but so far nothing Netflix needs to worry about.  Sorry, looks lame so far. No wonder Netflix's stock is up.
  • Waiting to see if this service will be available to non-Dish customers but not hopeful.
  • So far, it's an add-on to existing services - unfortunately, most of us have already cut the cord and this isn't going to stem the tide of people who wants to cancel their paid TV services because they would be paying for something they already have as Dish customers in the first place.
  • This should be free to customers.  Lame.
  • I think Dish did Netflix a favor today - after looking at their deal, people will probably go "Netflix is an ass but it is still an option for cord-cutters".
Wow!  Q&A session revealed plan for non-Dish subscribers.  Saving details for that announcement. Could this be about Google TV?  Maybe With Apple or Microsoft?!


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