Sprint Could Position Its iPhone to Steal Users From Rivals - Wireless Data And Fact It's Not AT&T

This morning, I read a post how Sprint could have issues streaming users from its other three major US carriers.  Stealing from T-Mobile users will be like taking candy away from a baby.  But it will be tougher to do the same to AT&T and Verizon but not impossible.

First, there is no LTE iPhone yet and so no one can claim that advantage.  And everyone is has a 4G network, supposedly.  But it's not true.  AT&T and T-Mobile's 4G are nothing but pure marketing.  

Second, Sprint is the last major carriers to offer true unlimited wireless data plan.  I think that alone could be a major selling point.  It's one with me when I decided to go with Verizon for my iPhone upgrade.  More AT&T users would have made that jump had they not already been locked away by two-year sentences.  

GottaBeMobile conducted a survey that showed a majority of users who wants an iPhone already has a Sprint contract.  Does it means that those who don't have a Sprint contract do not want an iPhone?  It's really important to know just who they are surveying.  Also, there are more than a 1 million T-Mobile users with the iPhone.  They are more rip than at any other time to want to get out.  

With Sprint and Verizon added as an iPhone carriers, they've got two additional choicea.  With Sprint added as as an iPhone carrier, they've got a carrier who still offers unlimited data access.

Source:  GottaBeMobile.


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