Friday, September 30, 2011

Tablet: People Are Starting to Get It But It Could Be Too Late for Everyone (Except Apple And Amazon)

Here’s a quick thought from all the information we’ve gathered since the launch of the iPad 2 to this week’s unveiling of the Kindle Fire.  People are finally getting it.  What?

You cannot just manufacturer and sell a tablet and think that people will fall in line.  One might have thought that the success of the iPad 2 and failure of the Xoom to be apparently.  One might have thought HP killing off Touchpad a little over a month after its release would be lesson enough.  One might have thought RIM’s drumming in the market and the shipping (not sales) figure of the Playbook would be enough to teach us about the tablet market and mobile computing.

It has taken Amazon’s Kindle Fire with its low low $199 price and all the contents its bring to bear for people to start realizing where the future of mobile computing and entertainment is headed.

People are just starting to realize specs alone are not enough.  Dazzling demos are good for the blogs but doesn’t jive with Main Street mobile warriors.  People are just beginning to realize but it could be too late for everyone else.

After all, this is a process.  It’s taken Apple over a decade and they’re still working on it. It has taken Amazon five years or so starting Kindle and its still got a long but promising road ahead.

This idea that you have to create an ecosystem is beginning to sync in.  Does Google still have a shot?  Can Microsoft create a coherent solution with all its incompatible parts?  What about everyone else, HTC, LG, Sony, and Samsung?  Where does this leave Nintendo?

Is it already be too late?  Let's examine this over the weekend.

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