Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Would You Be Disappointed In "Just" the iPhone 4S?

So, let’s supposed if the iPhone coming out next month isn’t the iPhone 5 with a redesigned case but looks just like the iPhone 4 and may be dubbed the 4S, would you still be inclined to upgrade?

Would you be disappointed it’s an upgraded iPhone in the same iPhone 4 body?

I think it would be a disappointment to the current iPhone 4 users but not to those are new to scene, and there will still be millions upon millions who would want it.  There are people who are still on the original iPhone with T-Mobile who have had it with T-Mobile’s inability to secure the premier mobile device.

There are also people on the 3G or the 3GS they bought a couple of years back.

Tons of pinned up demands at Sprint and Verizon probably will get the iPhone flood flowing as well.

Still, Apple’s next iPhone, whatever it is, will face it’s most stiff competition ever.  Galaxy S II, Nexus Prime, and a recharged Windows Phone OS.

A redesigned iPhone 5 that many online is depicting as an iPod touch-like form factor would go a long way fighting off the competition, even kill some of it right out of the gate.  However, supposed we get a 4” screen, A5 chip, better camera, and bigger battery in the iPhone 4S, I’m sure it is more than enough to put it over the top.

And that wouldn’t be all there is to the next iPhone, or any iPhone for that matter.  The iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are not just about the hardware. It’s also about the operating sytem, iOS 5, and the whole ecosystem that is still unmatched.

To answer your question, no, I would not be disappointed.  I’m still on the fence about upgrading my six month old iPhone 4 (which I an always pass along to a family member).

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