Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Analyst Who Blew iPhone 5 Call Is Now Being Widely Quoted That Apple Will Bring Smaller Screen iPad To Fight Amazon Kindle Fire

Today, there is a lot of buzz about Apple even before iOS 5 was officially released.  Word from a know-it-all Wall Street analyst is that Apple will be fighting the Kindle Fire by Amazon with a $250-300 iPad.  This particular analyst said that iPad mini will allow Apple to hold the tablet market and even benefit in markets like China and others because of the low cost.  

Interesting...let's make this analyst famous, shall we? Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities is the analyst in the spotlight.  And not the good kind of spotlight.

His name sounded familiar so I decided to put on my investigative journalist hat and look him up...on Google.  I didn't have to go far.

According to Know Your Mobile, BW, as he is known to his friends, vowed that Apple was to release the iPhone 5 with an aluminum unibody with a larger screen on October 4th. It would have been spectacular, he said! 

Well, things did not quite happened as BW said it would.

TS powers-that-be, why is this guy still working for you?  Unless it's his job to just make @#$% up, then I get it.  But I don't think its why you pay him to do this.  

No iPhone 5, highly doubt the mini iPad.  But hey, right on with the iPad 3.  Oh, and please, can you ask Brian if the sun'll rise tomorrow.  Thanks!

My fellow bloggers.  I like rumors as the next guy.  Love reading about them.  Love your work.  But we need to set some ground rules here.  No more rumors from Brian White or Digitimes.  Okay?

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