Friday, October 28, 2011

Battery Tip: Turn On Airplane Mode And Use only WiFi

I’m an a Battery life on the 4S is on par with the iPhone 4 as far as usage goes.  But because the iPhone 4S is just begging to be used in ways that the 4 isn't, dictation, Siri, Notification Center, etc, the battery life can seem to be shorter as a result.

So, I've been going a little more extreme with respect to trying to be more conservative and squeeze every last second of power I can get out of the 4S.  

I’m an a WiFi environment most of the time – home, office, Starbucks.  So, I have the luxury to do what I am going to suggest to help you extend the battery life on the iPhone:

Turn on Airplane mode and then turn on WiFi if needed.  I’ve also turned off location and alerts when I’m at work.  I still let e-mails and messaging go through.

There it’s that simple.  And using Siri and dictation will eat up battery but since I got the 4S, I’ve been Siri daily and dictating my notes, messages, and e-mails.  If you don’t, you’ll also see better battery life as well.

I know some people go as far as to turn off WiFi.  I’m not that far gone.  I suppose that if you're just reading, like I've been doing a lot late on the iPhone, WiFi isn't going to be needed just to do that.

4S Battery issues?  And at the time of this writing, I understand that Apple is seeking out users who have experience battery issues with their 4S.  Personally, I haven’t see the level of battery drain that some others have. (The Guardian)

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