Friday, October 28, 2011

iPhone Launches In Massive Second Wave

Apple is set to unleash the iPhone 4S another wave of countries even as some iPhone shortages persist.  22 countries and city-states in all.

 Pop (M)
 Austria        8.40
 Belgium      10.80
 CzechRepublic      10.50
 Denmark        5.60
 Estonia        1.30
 Finland        5.40
 Hungary      10.00
 Ireland        6.20
 Italy      60.70
 Latvia        2.20
 Lithuania        3.20
 Luxembourg        0.50
 Mexico     112.20
 Netherlands      16.70
 Norway        5.00
 Singapore        5.20
 Slovakia        5.40
 Slovenia        2.00
 Spain      46.00
 Sweden        9.40
 Switzerland        7.90

I've left Leichtenstein blank because they've got on 36K people in the whole country.  That's smaller than the city I live in.

As you can see, this is a massive 334 million people who will be eligible for the iPhone this weekend.  I don't anticipate another 4 million moved in these countries alone like Apple was able to do in its first weekend of the iPhone 4S sale.

Still, combined with all the other territories that already have the iPhone on sale, we could potentially see that figure repeated yet again.  In two weeks since it's gone on sale, I wonder if Apple will have sold 10 million by the end of Sunday.

Well, let's not get too ahead of ourselves.  As popular as iPhone 4S is, one key drive for its sale is still not ready in many of these countries:  Siri. So far, Siri is only available in English, German, and French with limited use outside of the US for now, even Canada.

Source:  Apple.

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