Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Could There Be A Run On iPhone 4S Soon?

According to a variety of reports, Apple was not the only one to have missed their forecast on iPhone sales.  Both AT&T and Verizon all saw lower number of activations - largely due to people waiting for the iPhone 4 successor.

On top of that, what is scary about iPhone's potential growth is that Android and other competing devices, with newer models, did not see their sales increase.  It just sounded like people either wanted to jump ship to the iPhone 4S or that they simply wanted to see what Apple will be offering.

Then the Blackberry blackout happened.  It was an early Christmas gift for Apple.  According to a new survey, about 40% of Blackberry users now want to get an iPhone.  And this is only the beginning.  Since we do not know how this survey was conducted and who were a part of it, we can safely believe that this is only the beginning.

After all, the consumerization of IT is in full swing.  On top of that, Apple is looking like the place to be if you want the latest and greatest from the perspectives of Blackberry users and possibly Android users who are looking at the iPhone, particularly those on the Sprint and Verizon networks, now that its available to them.

The next couple of quarters is going to be very important.  Apple should be able to grow its market here in the US but it really depends on how much.  We'll be watching to see if it's enough to push RIM further back and bring Android back from the dominating position it is in right now.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and shopping gets into full swing, don't be surprised of Apple finds itself that it cannot keep up with iPhone demands.

One more thing. Siri.  Let's face it.  If Google did not come up with an answer for it with Android 4, there is just no way RIM has something in the works that is even remotely close.

Source:  Cult of Mac.

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