Friday, October 7, 2011

Google And Samsung Postponed Event For Its Nexus Prime Phone and Ice Cream Sandwich

Under the circumstances, it appears that Google and Samsung did the right thing and posted their next Android event, previoiusly scheduled for October 11th to another date to be determined.  The reason appears to be the 11th will be the day Steve Jobs' family and friends bury the iconic figure.

Is this the right thing to do?  Humanity never ceases to amaze me even when we are locked in as competitive a market as the mobile market.  

It shows that what's going on in the market, the war of words, patent wars, and others showed that none of that is personal.  I'm sure our readers all realize that as well.  After all, Android versus iOS versus anything else has always been what sports is like for sports fans.  UCLA versus USC (Bruis rock!) or Starbucks versus Coffee Bean.  

I think those companies did the right thing and I like to think that Apple probably would have done the same.  

Source: The Droid Guy.

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