Friday, October 7, 2011

Siri Alone Justifies Upgrading to iPhone 4S - You Get a Personal Assistant, Who Wouldn't Want One?

Let me get right to it.  I stayed up until 3 AM to order a white 32 GB Verizon iPhone 4S.  It seems exactly like the white 16 GB Verizon iPhone 4.  Why?

Siri is the main reason.  As a mobile fan, I want to experience what I believe is the next revolution in mobile computing and social experience.  Sure, the 8 MP camera is going to rock as is the two core A5 chip with what I assume will be much faster speed operational wise and 7X the graphics.

But it's Siri and the accurate dictation.  By next week, I hope to be able to dictate these blog posts and updates on Google+ and Twitter.  I hope to send out messages and e-mails while I drive.  This past Wednesday when I was on the freeway to meet some friends for dinner and to pick up my awesome new Touchpad, I got a few messages about changes in plans and inquiries about where we were meeting.  I could have used those features.

On top of that, I'm pretty stoke not only by what is available with Siri now but what updates Apple will give us throughout the year until iOS 6.  

These devices are tools that are meant to broaden our horizon and Siri will do just that.  This Forbes post (via 
Macdailynews) wisely see the virtues of Siri.  The author believes Siri will permeate throughout the Apple ecosystem and make its way onto the iPad.  I think it'll also make its way to the Mac.  It only makes sense for this to happen.  

So don't be surprised when Apple periodically update and broaden how Siri can interact with us but future OS X updates that also bring Siri to the Macs.

Imagine asking Siri for TV times and asking it to put on movies and music through the Apple TV when you're at home - through the iOS devices or the Macs.  Or asking Siri what vegetables you should plan because Siri knows where you live, the environmental conditions, and which plants would do best.  

Siri is an assistant. Apple is giving each and everyone of us a personal assistant.  Who wouldn't want that?

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