Monday, October 10, 2011

iCloud: How iCloud Sync Files And Who Has Access

Here's a simple write-up from TUAW that explains just how iCloud deals with files and how it syncs them to all your devices.  It's worth a read if you're concerned about how your files will be treated.  More specifically, which versions of updates win out.

Essentially, if you create a while with an app, this file is only accessible by that app or another app created by the same developer.  That means apps from another developer cannot access this one file.  I guess this is good to know for security concerns.

Also, it seems to be up to the developers of the iCloud-linked apps to decide just how they want the updates to occur.  Would it be the most updated version that gets updated to all the iOS devices linked to the same account or through another mean.

This is what I think is going to be interesting here.  In OS X, there is a feature in Time Machine that allows the users to access different versions of a file.  I can see this feature come to iOS and give developers and users greater freedom to choose.

Folks, iCloud is a big deal.  You're gonna love what Apple has planned for us.  File sync is just the beginning.  I'm no app developer but in my mind, I can already how I can use files generated and stored on iCloud and really chage our workflow.

This is going to be amazing.  And Apple is leaving enough freedom for developers to innovate.

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