Monday, October 10, 2011

Will iOS 5 Automatically Update Your App?

We are less than 48 hours from Apple unleashing iOS 5 on our unsuspecting iPhones and other iOS devices. Very excited.

However, I am wondering about a feature you might have heard about but haven't yet seen an update to since early June.

Back in June, some wording within iTunes suggested that auto-updating OTA was not only coming to the OS but also to the apps as well.

That might be a cool feature to have for most folks but not so in some minor situations.

For instance, my updated iOS Slingplayer app will not work with my Slingbox but the earliest version from 2010 will.

It's weird. I know and I have seen anything that might suggest why.

So you can see why I would not want my iPhone or iPad to go to iCloud and pull down an update.

Question: does anyone know whether auto-app update is an iOS 5 feature and, if so, can it be disabled?

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