Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not Updating iPod Touch Was A Push To Make People Buy iPhones

After some considerations, I think it's like that we are seeing Apple trying to get more and more mobile warriors to carry a device with them that is always connected to the Internet.  And the iPod touch, while a great mobile device, isn't the iPhone because it lacks the 3G or any other wireless connectivity other than WiFi.  And WiFi means you can't always be connected to the Internet.

It's probably why we might not see Siri on the iPod touch even if Apple does upgrade the hardware.  And this could help push users towards the iPhone 4S and future iPhone upgrades that require an always-on 3G/4G connection.  And this is where the money's at, not selling iPod touches for Apple.

And if you don't think Siri and not having an updated iPod touch goes hand-in-hand, consider this.  Had Apple upgraded the iPod touch, it would mean that there is no reason why the touch with the A5 dual-core chip cannot handle Siri.

And for those with the iPhone 4, Blackberry, Android, or another phone who want Siri, just buy an iPod touch.  That'll hurt Apple's iPhone sales for the Christmas quarter.  So, I imagine that to continue to drive sales, Apple could potentially update Siri every few weeks to remind folks that to take advantage of all that is iOS and Siri, the iPhone 4S is the only way to go.

The iPod touch, updated only with white, is for everyone else.

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