Friday, October 21, 2011

So It Begins: Mobile War Bleeds Into The Console War - Collatoral Damage? The Consoles Of Course

Apple and Google as slugging each over like giants that they are and every blow that is thrown, each counter punch, is felt far and wide on all corners of this Earth.  And now, it looks like the mobile war is going to expand a bit.  This time, it's going into the living rooms.  Android 4 will enable users to gamepads while their devices are connected to a TV via the HDMI cable.

And perhaps, while Google TV has failed to capture the hearts and minds of the consumers, by enable Ice Cream Sandwich (that's the code-name for the latest Android OS) devices to hook up to the TV and enable users to do more with their devices, Google might have just found a way into the living room.

It is also likely that Apple has some tricks up their sleeves.  Apple's Airplay technology enables users to mirror what's on the screen of an iOS device like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.  However, it requires that the user purchase an Apple TV as a bridge.  

So, both companies are looking to make this critical push into the living room this Holidays season.  This new front in their fight will continue into 2012 and likely for years to come.

Where does that leave the console makers?  Nintendo is already feeling the effects of increased competition from Microsoft and Sony.  I had hoped that the 3DS would give Mario and Friends 12 to 18 months of breathing room but dismal hardware and gaming sales have left Nintendo with very little maneuvering room.

Sony's play with Android should be able to help it somewhat but Playstation Suite, at times, feels like an afterthought.  It it as if it is there in case Vita, Sony's PSP heir, fails.  And while PS 3 is still chugging long, advances in CPU and 3D power on mobile devices has put mobile phones and tablets within striking distance of comparable graphics as the consoles.  

This is the same for Microsoft's Xbox 360.  

Both Microsoft and Sony have their own visions and plays for the living that also extends to mobile but, at times, they feel like defensive moves.  Over time, consumers are going to realize their mobile devices can do so much more than make calls, check Facebook updates, and watch Youtube videos.

Now, we're able to play HD games and videos.  Oh, let's not forget music as well.  You know, pretty much everything consoles can do, and probably more.  And as far as market size, mobile is so much bigger - we're talking in the billions of units versus tens of millions of consoles a year sold.

Source:  Droid Life.

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