Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Which iOS 5 Features Will You Want to See Come To OS X?

I imagine more than a few iOS 5 features will eventually migrate over to OS X.  It probably will not happen within Lion's lifetime but it certainly could happen in the next OS update.  So, even with Lion just barely three months old and iOS 5 and iPhone 4S just released, let's examine which iOS 5 features we Mac users will like to see in the next version of OS X.

Currently, we have iCloud integration in OS X.  It was a first step that was needed simply because of the iOS update.  Furthermore, you can get that iCloud in its current form is far from the vision that Steve Jobs and Apple has for it.  iCloud is simply Apple's insurance plan to solidify and expand on its Mac-iPhone-iTunes ecosystem.

So, whatever new features iCloud will get, I'm sure parity will happen for both iOS devices and Macs.  That's a given.

The first iOS 5 feature I like to see on OS X is Notification Center.  Yeah, that's right.  You thought I was going to say Siri, did you?

With the Mac app store coming along nicely, look for Apple to eventually allow push to come to Macs. With push, what good is Notification Center?

So, imagine when apps are able to push information to our Macs.  Mail, iMessage, and sports alerts.  Even weather and stocks update like we have now on the iPhones (the iPads do not have native weather and stock reports - hence, they lack those two key updates).

In my NC setup, I get Foursquare, Facebook, ESPN, Gamecenter (Yeah, this could come to the Mac as well), and reminders.  Those are just a few important ones that I can remember off the top of my head.

The menu bar on the Mac is long big enough that Apple can implement a scrolling list of alerts and updates from Notification Center.

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