Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wanted Future iOS Feature: Ability To Flip Apps To Hide or Close

One of the most unique features I've seen in Web OS (on my Touchpad), is the ability for the user to hit the home button and see all the open cards or apps.  On iOS 5, you can do the same by doube-tapping the home button.  Okay, about the same thing.  It's the same thing on Android.  What makes Web OS, and now with Android 4, is that you can simply flick an app and close it.

I like that.  Apple, I like to be able to flip an app and close it.  Shut it down.  Right now, I have to hold down on the app icon that's running, wait until it starts to vibrate, and then touch the "x".  I think it's some Apple copy this feature from Web OS.

It's okay.  As far as we know, Web OS is dead.  I don't necessarily want Apple to copy the cards feature.  I just want to be able to hold down on the button and flick the app that I want closed.  Heck, Google is copying this feature from Palm, so, it's not shame.  We'd just be copying Google copying Palm.

In fact, I think both Apple and Google can learn a lot from Web OS.  Here's a video over view of how Web OS works on a Touchpad.  It's worth investing the time to watch it because it shows just how neat Web OS is that even Google is copying one of its most convenient feature - closing apps.

I'm hope iOS 6 will bring us some of the above features.  In fact, Apple ought to take Web OS off of HP's hands.

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