Apple's Cash: Forget Dividends/Buybacks Or TV - Tim, Put A Few Billions Into Artificial Intellgence

Siri is where the future's at. So this Su where I suggest where Apple should put its nearly $100 billion in cash and short-term investments: AI.

As in artificial intelligence. And I'm not just talking about giving Siri an even more dazzling personality. I'm talking about robots. Androids. Sorry, I don't mean Google's mobile OS.

See, this is where the future OS is at. Not OS XI or iOS 7 or 8 but a totally revolutionary OS that is intelligent all around.

Something like Siri 5.0. One that can carry along a more natural conversation and truly act as a personal assistant.

Eventually, it could be Apple's AI that power our homes and lives.

That's where I would put a few billions.


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