Twenty Percent of Kindles Unloved By Their Owners?

According to Telegraph, 1/5 of Kindles are left unused after their collective unveiling at in Christmas morning.  I think this is an example of shady reporting, regardless of which reader or tablet you use.

First, the post says nothing about the type of Kindle it is referring to.  It made it sound like they include in large part, the Kindle Fire. Now, you might suspect that this was a hit piece from an Apple or iOS fan. In the past, I would have thought that to be the case. However, with the forking of th Android platform, the writer could be a fan of just about any platform.  

This includes Apple, even Mincrosoft, and, also very likely, a pure Android fan.  

But 1/5, or 20% of all Kindles sold not bring touched ain't bad. Not good ad definitely not great but not bad either. Amazon has to do more to entice users and even educate Kindle owners what their devices can do. 

I reckon that more of these abandoned Kindled are of the e-ink flavor and not the Fire.  

It's still early in the game for Amazon and even the number of millions it sold, I think Amazon is rather content with the response it has bottom from the market.  

Source: Amazon Kindles 'go unused' after Christmas - Telegraph


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