Thursday, January 12, 2012

Siri Coming To Other iOS Devices? How About Macs?

Siri could be coming to other iOS devices.  Now, I'm not talking about iPad 2S or 3.  Nor am I talking about the future iPod touch update.  Rather, I'm referring to the current gen iPod touch, which happens to be the same as last year's version and the iPad 2.

Here is an image capture via Cult of Mac with references to both the iPod touch and the iPad.  Now, it's a given that one day, Siri will propagate throughout Apple realm, even Macs.  That isn't the issue.  It's whether current hardwares on the market now, outside of the iPhone 4S, will also be Siri-capable.

There is more at CofM on this.  The above pic is for the iPod as you can see on the top left corner.  

It makes sense and also it's important that Apple begin to get Siri out of beta and to support more languages. This is most certainly a daunting task.  And it's just as urgent for Apple to get Siri into as many users of its growing hardware profile as soon as possible.

This is a race to control the future of mobile computing and change the face of UI.  Siri, as I've declared in the past, is a brand new plattform that has given Apple another opportunity to disrupt the markets.  That's right.  Markets.  Plural.  That is because we are in an increasingly connected world where our gadgets, appliances, and devices will one day be connected to clouds or private networks.  

It's up to Apple when Siri, or even just simple dictation, becomes available to non-4S users.  I cannot argue the technical merits of whether there is a hardware reason why only the iPhone 4S has Siri.  However, I figure this is more of an artificial reason, like the fact that Siri is in beta, than anything else.

We should know by the next iOS update or two about Siri's status.  

Source:  Cult of Mac.

Note:  I can't wait for Siri or even just dictation to come to the Macs.  I'm hoping the dictation portion for the Macs will not require a network connection as Siri needs now but I'll settle for anything.   I imagine the day when I can dictate posts like this.

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