Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things I Like Siri To Do - Integration With Apple Apps And Work Less As A Standalone App

Siri seems to be a standalone app on the iPhone 4S that requires the user to activate it in order to use it.  What's interesting, however, is that Apple will likely allow some sort ot third-party support on it.  Before that happens or concurrently, I like to see Apple integrate this further.

How about integrating Siri into its own apps?  Right now, if you're using Siri to make calls, conduct searches, or making appointments, you're fine but once you get into the mail, calendar, or browser apps,  you lose Siri.

I like to see Apple find a way to integrate Siri into its own apps.  Mail search via Siri quickly comes to mind. Also, I like to see Siri populate mobile Safari that allows the user to quickly access a website or search.  

I know that some will argue that there is the new voice-to-text function but I want to see something more than that.  I want to be able to say "go to CNN" and Siri takes the browser there.  Or "open new tab for the Apple Store" and a new tab will open taking me to the online Apple Store page.  Heck, if I have the Apple Store app installed, Siri should just take me there directly; launching an app within an app.

That example I've outlined above is merely a small function of what I imagine is possible with Siri.  Another example I like to be able to do is say "mail this page to George" and Siri will open up a mail page for me with "George's" email already there and I'll have to do is say send or dictate any message.  

All of this is done via voice command through Siri.  

Is this something that Apple needs more time to develop into Siri?  I'm not so sure that they cannot do it right now.  My guess about Siri still in beta status has to do with Apple's peculiar and welcoming need for perfection.  And I don't mind it.  

Apple will make what I'm talking about above happen – if not iOS 5, maybe iOS 6 or 7.  But it'll happen.  As I've said in previous posts on Siri, it's a brand new platform that Apple is developing, not just an app.

And it's time people see Siri in that light.

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