Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple's New Catalog Section, Catalogs, IS Really An E-Commerce Push?

In a while, we’ll know what Apple will unveil.  Okay, we kinda already know.  The iPad 3.  Or the iPad HD.  Or judging by this morning’s rumors, maybe Apple might be unveiling the iPad touch.  What I want to speculate about now is the changes Apple made to the App Store before today’s unveiling.  There is a whole new catalog section called “catalogs”.  Why?  Is Apple about to get into more e-commerce?

The most logical reason is that Apple want to separate them from the other apps.  So be it.  But with Apple, it might not be so simple.  Think about it.  By offering a catalog section, it makes very sense in and of itself just to separate apps that showcase goods.  It isn’t as if they were getting in the way of app discovery so much.  

Apple has often bragged about just how many credit cards it has access to via its iTunes and iOS customers.  Apple could be unleashing its marketing prowess and offering its customers easy access to millions of products with a simple click or two.  

More than iOS devices or Macs sales and if I’m right, this is what will make Apple’s capitalization head towards $1 trillion.

And again, if I'm right, Amazon's screwed.

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