Friday, March 2, 2012

Google's Nexus Tablet To Be Called "Play"?

Is this Google's Nexus tablet?  Probably not but we all know it's coming.  There are rumors abound.  I reckon it's something that we will be paying a lot of attention to.  So far, Android tablets have had their collective butts handed to them by Apple's iPad.

It was only Amazon's Kindle Fire that has found some success in blunting Apple's dominance in the tablet market by finding a sweet spot, $200 to be exactly, that many consumers found palpable.  There is talk that Google is looking to enter that portion of the market with its own 7" Nexus tablet rather than go head-on with Apple's 10" iPad.

Android Community is asserting that Google could possibly call the tablet "Nexus Play".  I wonder how RIM will feel about that. I look for Play to come out by summer to fall.  However, keep in mind that many other tablet players, including Android competitors to the Play will likely be unveiling their own 7-8" tablets around that time.

To complicate things in a great manner, Windows 8 tablets should be out around fall.  Even better, I predict that Apple will also be joying the sub-10" tablet market with an 8-9" screen.  The iPad 3 will be out in a week or two and it will certainly be interesting how Google's competitors (including other Android participants) respond to the Play.

Start saving up, folks!

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