Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Punish Apple's Copycat Competitors Like Samsung, Apple Should Pre-Announce An Unknown and This is Now

It’s hard not to get into the he said/she said battle going on between Apple and its competitors in the smartphone and tablet market.  Above all, I’m a mobile tech fan.  I’m not an Apple or a Google can do no wrong kind of fan.  They can and they do all the time and I try to point it out when possible.  Still, you have to be skewed to not think Apple’s iPhone and iPad has not given birth to some copycat devices.  As for the copying part, I'm with Apple on this one.

Yeah, Samsung quickly comes to mind.  In fact, I have to say that Microsoft’s Windows Phone and upcoming Windows 8 is as different from the iPhone, iPad, and iOS as they come.  So, I’ve got a plan that could really put a hurt on Apple’s copycat competitors.

On March 7th when Apple unveils the next iPad, there is a chance that Apple will unveil the next upgrade to its Steve Jobs’ hobby, Apple TV.  Go one step further.  Announce it’s forth coming iTV, Apple own HDTV, if all the rumors about it is true.

My thinking is that Apple’s own HDTV probably isn’t ready yet.  We’re maybe 6-9 months away from seeing if unless Apple really has done a great job keeping it under wraps.  Let’s assume that I’m write about the timetable and that there is actually a revolutionary HDTV that Apple has been working on.

By announcing it months ahead, Apple could really freeze the television market.  Anyone who sells a TV, from the manufacturers to retailers, and accessories like set-top boxes from cable or sat companies to Roku devices, will take a huge hit during those two or three quarters.

You want to know the kind of weight a half trillion dollar company with $100 billion in cash can throw around on the economy, this is it.  HDTV sales from Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Toshiba, or anyone else Apple’s iTV will be competing with will just plummet.  And Apple’s own sales won’t be affected at all except for its hobby, which managed to sell only two million units in 2011.

Tim Cook only has to go on stage and say that the iTV is coming, it’s revolutionary, and it’ll be very competitive.  And watch the hurt begin for Apple’s competitors begin. That'll teach them to try and copy Apple.

Benefits Of An iTV Pre-Announcement.  Let's forget about Tim Cook sticking it to Google, Samsung, or anyone else for a moment.  There could be some halo effect to letting the consumer electronic market know that the iTV is coming.

I reckon iTV will run a variant of the iOS like the current Apple TV.  With that said, there is likely going to be a lot of integration between the various iOS devices with the HDTV like the iPhone and iPad.  If you're a potential tablet buyer who is choosing between an iPad or a competing tablet like the Tab or Playbook, knowing that you'll get more mileage out of the iPad because of the Apple TV and iTV integration could sway you towards Apple's products.

And as if an updated iPad isn't enough, such a move will allow Apple to market its ecosystem to new customers and future iTV buyers.

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