Friday, March 9, 2012

Zynga Adds Huge Partners For Its Gaming Platform; Google Looking To Muscle In

Zynga's social gaming platform is a very interesting take and it marks the ability for the Z to break away from its reliance on Facebook for gamers.  And while Zynga's new social gaming platform (SGP) has a good future, I wonder if it's creating more of a Hulu-like environment for gamers and developers?

It just added three new studios, Konami, being one of the biggest and baddest in the video game arena.  And likely, we'll see Z announce more partners in the future.  And I'm liking this quite a bit, much more than Hulu's ad-based and subscription business model.

As we know from mobile gaming on Apple's iPhone and iPad and Google's Android, in-app purchases has become very popular and is one of the preferred business models.  This is a recurring revenue that is just right for picking from developers.

I'm no stock guy but if I had some money that I don't need, I would consider buy Zynga stocks because of this huge potential.  And as this SGP grows, Z can leverage its power over Facebook.  

Perhaps, this is why we are beginning to hear Google talk more about their own gaming platform.  Interesting days ahead in mobile and social gaming.

Source: Pocketgamer.

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