Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Douchy Guys Wrote Hit Piece About Apple That Made No Sense and Got Facts Wrong

I refuse to link to this post I just read on Yahoo.  And Yahoo, shame on you for posting it.  The gist of the article is that if you take China out of the equation, Apple would have missed its most recent quarterly earnings.  I like what one of the commenterx of the post said in response:  if you take China out of the equation, no global company would meet estimates.

And while I won’t be linking to the post by Jeff Macke, who sounded like a douche,  I will tell you who the idiot Jeff quoted in his article.  His name is David Garrity, the head of GVA Research.  The head of this research firm.  Seriously, right?  The head of a research firm making this kind of analysis.

My guess is that this dude (or both of them), not only doesn’t get the concept of a global economy, but he probably bought into the fear that caused Apple’s stock to tank over 10% in the last couple of weeks.  So, these two duches likely shorted the stock or had been waiting to buy in when the price goes lower and lost lots of money or opportunity to make money.  Whichever way, they’re now bitter about it.

And you know what’s worse?  In talking about China, the post mentioned China Mobile.  China Mobile is the biggest carrier in the world with over half a billion subscribers.  So, here’s the kicker:  China Mobile is not an official iPhone carrier.  Apple would have likely sold anywhere from 40-45 million iPhones if China Mobile was a carrier.

Over all, expect hit pieces like this to crop up over the next couple of weeks to try and weakening the renewed confidence investors has in Apple.  Lots of people who bet wrongly on Apple’s earnings are gonna need to find a way to get back the money they lost.

Again, I refuse to link to it because it’s so dumb.  And another proof of this a funny response from another commenter:  If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.

Here’s my response: if you take out all of the iPhone sales, Apple would have massively miss its earning estimate and likely posted a huge loss.

Note:  if you really want to read this dumb article posted on Yahoo, I've given you enough details that you can probably go google it yourself.

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