Sunday, April 15, 2012

iPhone With LTE and Heat

My iPhone 4 with Verizon gets warm at times. It's nothing I have not seen before in other mobile devices and certainly no where near laptop heat or even close to the non-issue temperature on the new iPad that the media tried to create into "heat-gate". Still, I have concerns for the next iPhone.

And that concern comes from the likelihood that the next iPhone will have an LTE antenna in it. And given Apple's drive to make its iOS devices lighter and thinner, heat concerns, even if it's not a real issue, will certainly bare more scrutiny than any other devices because it's the iPhone.

And that's before we even get into the battery life issue. My hope is that Apple brings back the ability for users to toggle between LTE and lower speed wireless options.

It could help with the heat issue and solve any battery issues we mobile users may be faced with.

Right now, as I am composing this post, I am in an area with low signal and the iPhone could be struggling to maintain the signal strength. Hence, I am draining the battery faster and the device has gotten warmer as well.

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