Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Impossible Cheap 7" iPad For $200 in October: Nah

Source:  iMore.

Sometimes, you can end up talking a bit too much about Apple and iPads or iPhones in one day.  Unfortunately, looks like we’re not done.  Oh, and other, I don’t like to write about rumors or report on them but this one is worth commenting on with just a tad of analysis.

iMore reporting Apple will release a 7” iPad this October, probably along side the new iPhones and iPods, for, get this, $200-$250.  As a mobile fan, I’m saying “BRING IT!”.  We think there is definitely a great chance that we'll see a sub-9.7" iPad in Apple's future.  Mostly, because kids have small hands, hence, tiny fingers, that can navigate smaller displays easier.

There a couple of things worth noting about the iMore report.  First, they punctuated by the source of this information has been very good.  Good but certainly not infallible.  Second, they report that the display will have the same resolution as the new iPad.

Had they ended the report without the 7” iPad having the same resolution has the 9.7” iPad, which essentially makes the 7” iPad DPI the same iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the iPod touch, the report would be more believable.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I want this to be accurate and I want a 7” Retina Display iPad.  Still, let’s take a look at this and assume that’s right.

It means if it costs $200, it’ll be cheaper than the cheapest iPod touch.  So, I reckon the iPod touch could get a slight shave and drop below $200 and maybe come in around $150.  Makes zero sense to have a 3.5” tablet cost the same as a 7” tablet, right?

Also, I don’t have a good feeling about a Retina Display iPad costing only $200.  Apple could make the $200 model with diminutive storage (8-16GB) with a standard 1024x768 display, same as the iPad 2, and $300 model coming at $300 with Retina Display.

Anyway, we’ll see if iMore is as confident about this report as we hope they are.  Come October, me am getting a new 7” iPad.  And if they’re wrong, “iMore!!! (shaking my fists – all four of them!).

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