Sunday, May 6, 2012

iOS 6 Suggestion: Top One Is To Offer More Widget Options

We are a little more than one month away from Apple's World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco.  We'll likely see Apple unveil it's next iOS update, iOS 6.  And there is no shortage of suggestions.  I think I'll start collecting posts that offer Apple unsolicited advices.

Here is one from TUAW.  They've got a list of fifteen and I'll point you to them for you read the full list.  On Apple sort of started on it in our post about how Apple can put some distance between itself and Samsung after its latest Galaxy S III failed to excite Android fans.  We also discussed in our previous that Apple can kill off Windows 8 by allow apps with Metro like UI to start popping up in the App Store.

Now, I would like to take one of TUAW's suggestions and discuss it some more.  The Notification Center.  They went into details about what they like to see in Siri but I also think the Nofication Center features have been grossly under emphasized.  I would like to see more "widgets" from apps that really could help users sort through them quickly.

We, mobile warriors, are obviously very busy and the quicker we can glance at our notices the quickly we can move on to something else or deal with them.  For instance, I like Twitter or Facebook integration in NC.  Say I get a direct tweet that I want to address. Right now, I would have to click on the notification, wait for the app to open, navigate through the app, and answer it.  Instead of going through all that, wouldn't it be nice if I can tap on the notification, an prompt will come up, retweet, answer, or go to app.  I can hit answer and off I go.  It can also apply to texts and emails.

An interesting integration would be to bring Siri into this.  If implemented correctly, we might be able to see Siri brought into helping us navigate notifications.  We can ask Siri for notifications, and through learning our habits, Siri knows which notifications it should give priority to.

It whole idea of notification is to allow us to quickly access information.  Whether it's something that we only want a glancing view of, like stocks, scores, or weather updates, or something we can quickly act on, like answering texts or tweets, Apple can and should make this work in the way that is uniquely Apple.

Any other suggestions?

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